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Запись на консультацию гинеколога по телефону 8-495-788-9-799


Gynecologist consultation and ultrasound – (495)-741-06-41

Dr. Alexandra Borisova graduated from Moscow Medical Institute in 1993.

She had her residency and fellowship in obstetrics and gynecology in Scientific Center of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Perinatology of Russian Science Academy.

 After having finished fellowship in 1998, she got her PhD degree.

She has specialization in evaluation and treatment of patients with recurrent pregnancy loss.

Dr. Borisova had been working as a consulting obstetrician-gynecologist in Western managed Moscow clinics:

  • International SOS Clinic
  • European Medical Center
  • American medical center

At present Dr. Alexandra Borisova is working in “Happy Family” clinic.
Dr. Borisova speaks fluent English.

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